One of the main outputs from this project was to produce a toolkit for the development of watersports.

This toolkit is designed to support organisations that are seeking to develop water sports at either a regional or local level by providing guidance, support, knowledge and practical tips for management.

It highlights the key barriers that have been articulated through the Get WET project by surveys and in the events and the interventions that have been carried out by the partners. It showcases what has worked and been successful in helping water sports managers to get people engaged in water sports in their areas.


You can download the latest version of the toolkit hereCover picture


We would love to get your feedback on this and as such we will be running a consultation on the toolkit until 10th May. 

The document is divided into 7 key chapters and we have set up a survey for each section that you can provide feedback on. Click on the chapter below  to provide us with feedback on it. You can feedback on all sections or just some of them:

1.           Making the case for watersports

2.           Managing successful Watersports events

3.           Communication for Watersports projects

4.           Risk management for programmes and events

5.          Watersports for all – engaging disabled participants

6.           Women and Watersports

7.           Sustainability – for both the environment and for people