The Get WET is selected as a "Success Story"

The Get WET project partners are delighted to announce that the project has been selected as a "success story" by a panel of experts from the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission.

"Success stories are finalised projects that have distinguished themselves by their impact, contribution to policy-making, innovative results and/or creative approach and can be a source of inspiration for others. The selection of this project as a success story was made on the basis of rigorous criteria regarding its quality, relevance and results."

The project has been marked as "success story" in the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform

The recognition by the European Commission is testament to the work that went into the project from all of the partners and also to the clubs, activity providers, coaches and leaders who helped with the programmes. Without the many volunteers and supporters the project could never have been successful.

So thanks for all your work and continue to Get WET.



Get WET in Northern Ireland

14th April 2017
Get WET kicks off again in 2017 in Northern Ireland

The Get WET Watersports development seminar in Brussels

31st March 2017
On Wednesday 29th March 2017 41 key delegates from 14 different EU member states and pan EU organisations gathered in the NI Executive Office in Brussels for a seminar run by the “Get WET” partnership on water sports development.

Get WET Video Showcase

31st March 2017
A showcase video of last summer's activities!

Get WET Weekend

30th March 2017
There are plans for a Get WET weekend in the summer of 2017